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Our Services

CGE maintains world standards of geophysical practices and satisfies most stringent requirements posed to services companies. CGE is prepared to provide quality implementation of complete suites of geoscience and oilfield studies, including:

  • analysis of a regional or corporate resource base
  • definition of hydrocarbon prospecting and exploration projects
  • evaluation of recorded data quality and onsite 2D/3D seismic data processing
  • 2D/3D land/marine seismic data processing and interpretation
  • building geologic hydrocarbon-field models
  • estimation of oil and gas reserves
  • hydrodynamic reservoir simulation models
  • provision of field development-and-production designs and oil recovery feasibility studies complete with relevant documents and documentation complying with national norms and standards
  • reservoir production monitoring

Our Products

To conduct the above studies, CGE employs software systems not only licensed from world’s leading manufacturers but also proprietary software systems, such as DV1-Discovery, DV-SeisGeo, INPRES certified by renowned agencies, and DV-Geo software package recommended by the Experts’ Board under the State Commission on Reserves for use in estimating hydrocarbon reserves.

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