Development Planning

Designing a rational development for hydrocarbon fields is only possible after creation of a comprehensive database that would incorporate all existing geological and production information.

CGE employs proprietary DV-Geo as well as ECLIPSE technologies of Schlumberger and TEMPEST MORE of Roxar to realize this approach.


Designing a field development plan includes the following set of components:

  1. Feasibility study validating oil recovery factors (ORF) and for estimation of recoverable hydrocarbon reserves
  2. Preparation of field development project documents
  3. Building and continuous update of geotechnical models of the fields
  4. Monitoring the field development, including monitoring based on quantitative effectiveness analysis of the field development systems and flooding technologies
  5. Preparation of a full set of project documentation (in compliance with existing regulations and national standards) for successful acceptance and approval of the ORF Feasibility Study and project documentation at the GKZ State Commission for Reserves and Rosnedra CKR Central Commission on Hydrocarbon Development

Ingenious computation procedures used at CGE permit a complete quantitative analysis of the development system effectiveness, including:

The use of the above procedures permits both traditional geotechnical grid models of fields and flow streamlet models to be built. This can also enable the geophysicist to:


Reservoir watercut percentage at different reservoir production periods  

CGE has developed several methods to improve project designing quality and created respective software products permitting automation of labor-intensive processes in building and adapting hydrodynamic simulation models, such as:

At the final field development planning phase, the project design solutions can be formulated as follows:

CGE-created ingenious techniques of designing oilfield development permit achieving optimum distribution of project wells in terms of enhancing oil recovery. The effectiveness of such techniques is proved by many successfully completed projects

During 2002-2007, CGE experts prepared design documentation for 22 field development-and-production projects; the projects were presented to and accepted with approval by the CKR Rosnedra Central Commission for Field Development and/or by Commission’s Regional Branches.