2D/3D Seismic Acquisition

Since seismic acquisition quality inevitably brings to bear on the final project results, CGE offers to perform for the clients the following operations in the 2D/3D seismic acquisition with the ultimate goal to improve the overall project quality:


In-field processing

Statics computation

All data are stored into a single field data base and used in the subsequent processing.

The uphole velocity survey data processing program processes downhole seismic data and performs the following:

The refraction processing program processes refraction zones that are based on intersecting reversed TD plots, with layer velocities and layer thicknesses computed, and performs the following:

The in-field seismic data processing includes the following procedures (a final sequence is decided upon after testing):

Additional processing procedures (at Client’s request):

Deliverables to be furnished to Client - data edit library, sections as paper plots and on magnetic media, SPS files on diskettes.