INPRES - Seismic Interpretation System

INPRES™ a Linux™ OS Seismic Interpretation System running on Pentium-compatible computers intended for an integrated interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data in combination with well logging data and general geologic information at all phases of exploration and PLT operations.

The use of INPRES™ system substantially enhances effectiveness and comprehensiveness of structural imaging and prediction of reservoir rock properties on account of applying state-of-the-art technologies of seismic data interpretation based on a thorough use of available knowledge of geology and geologic regularities in a study area, as well as on the experience of qualified personnel performing commercial interpretation projects and on latest powerful mathematic analytical methods applied to geophysical information. 3D geologic models generated at the INPRES™ interpretation output provide rational and effective solutions to detecting and outlining subsurface prospects, to assessing petrophysical parameters of rocks and to estimating hydrocarbon resources.

In comparison with similar interpretation systems, INPRES™ possesses a number of advantages and offers a data interpreter unique capabilities, such as:

INPRES™ shows high rates of prediction accuracy confirmed by drilling and is extensively used in a good number of Russian geophysical and oil companies and abroad.

Over 100 INPRES licenses have been sold to 24 companies of Russia, Ukraine, PR China, Vietnam and Poland. Tens of projects are completed annually in the INPRES Interpretation System for data acquired in West Siberia, North Caucasus, East-European platform, South-East Asia, North Africa and other regions of the world.