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Rosgeo completed 3D data classification on Vostochno-Messoyakhskoe and Zapadno-Messoyakhskoe deposits

АО Tsentralnaya geophizicheskaya expeditsiya (The Central Geophysical Expedition, city of Moscow, the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) has completed reprocessing and overall interpretation of 3D seismic activity geophysical data on licensed sites of Vostochno-Messoyakhskoe and Zapadno-Messoyakhskoe deposits.

Rosgeo’s representatives spoke about the nuances of seismic exploration works performed in transition zones at the conference held in the city of Gelendzhik

Rosgeo’s delegation participated in the 20th scientific-practical conference called “Geomodel 2018” regarding the geological exploration and development of oil and gas fields. The event was arranged by the European Association of geoscientists and engineers (EAGE) with the support of AO Rosgeo’s title partner.

The New Board of Directors of CGE is Approved

The new Board of Directors was approved at the general meeting of JSC Central Geophysical Expedition shareholders (Moscow, the enterprise is part of the ROSGEO state holding).

Roman Panov, CEO of ROSGEO Awarded CGE Team for Successful Work on the Results of 2017

A meeting dedicated to stocktaking of ROSGEO work in 2017 took place. At the meeting Roman Panov, General Director and Chairman of the Management Board of the holding, has awarded the Central Geophysical Expedition team for ensuring high efficiency of the company's activities, achieving significant production results aimed at the developing and increasing the competitiveness of the holding. Ildar Zakirzhanov, managing director of JSC SGE, received an honorary certificate.



Today, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, JSC ROSGEO and the Nonprofit Organization Fund for the Center of Development and Commercialization of New Technologies signed a partnership agreement.


Research-to-Practice Conference “Geological and Geophysical Studies of Petroleum Bearing Areas: Scientific and Applied Aspects (RosgeoNEFTEGAZ-2018)” was held in the Central Geophysical Expedition (Moscow, the enterprise is part of the ROSGEO state holding).

ROSGEO Employees Took Part in the Total Dictation


The results of educational event "Total dictation" became available as of today. One of the ROSGEO enterprises – Central Geophysical Expedition (Moscow) – has become an official venue for its conduct.

CGE Successfully Passed Inspection of the Department of Education, Moscow City

A scheduled on-site inspection of the Department of Education of Moscow took place in the Central Geophysical Expedition (Moscow, the enterprise is part of the ROSGEO state holding). Within the framework of the event, the company’s training center was checked, whether it conformed to the federal state regulations.

CGE Team Will Participate in Total Dictation

On 14th April Central Geophysical Expedition (Moscow, the enterprise is part of the ROSGEO state holding) employees, together with the whole world, will participate in the Total Dictation. The company's office has become an official venue for holding an annual educational event, which is a voluntary dictation for all comers.