About the company

In 1967, the then USSR Ministry of Oil Industry set up a science-and-production center to be responsible for migration of the country’s petroleum geophysics to digital recording and processing of data – the Central Geophysical Expedition.

Today, Central Geophysical Expedition Joint Stock Company (CGE JSC) is an efficient services company well known in the country and far beyond, a closely working team of 357 highly qualified professionals. Among them, 48 hold degrees of ScD and PhD, 6 are Members and Associate Members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

An immense science base created and continually augmented by contributions from staff research groups and 40 years of practical experience have made CGE a recognized provider of digital solutions to Russia’s oil and gas industry. CGE maintains world standards of geophysical practices and satisfies most stringent requirements posed to services companies. CGE is prepared to provide quality implementation of complete suites of geoscience and oilfield studies, including:

CGE continually assimilates latest advances in information technologies. A distributed network of 400 PCs and 15 special-purpose servers, total disk space of over 40 Tb and fibro-optic cables ensuring data transfer speed of not below 1 Gb/s enable CGE to deliver high-quality projects within short turnaround time.

CGE’s services are in permanent demand, which is an evidence that CGE enjoys being an authority in petroleum geophysics. During a few recent years, CGE has completed more than 300 projects on be-half of Russian and international oil companies. Of completed projects, some are unique, including building geological models for giant and sizable fields, such as:

Available hardware/software facilities and personnel secure CGE’s ability to annually process and interpret geophysical data, build geological models, estimate hydrocarbon reserves and conduct HC recovery feasibility studies in the following amounts:

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